Last updated November 2022.
Go Back! Turn Away! Here there be Monsters...

Monsters with gnashing teeth and lustful appetites. Monsters who wear human skins. Humans who wear no skin at all. And those who love to fuck them. Ahead of you lies the stunning erotic world of Gori Suture, a great and terrible place that oft mirrors our own. Gori's cooked up a heady brew of psychedelic scenarios, gay & lesbian, straight & bi, all are woven into gothic romances, some bittersweet, some jagged and raw, and each more terrifying and torrid than the last. Here you'll find it all: lusty pagans, ambivalent & profane gods, demented plots, fiendish murder, occult mystery, the end of everything, and of course lots and lots of kinky sex & flesh crawling, jaw dropping, horror. Click the links, take off those itchy clothes, and let yourself go.

Just remember, never look behind you. You might not like what you see... Heh, heh, heh.

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