Cover Art for Gori Suture's visionary paranormal erotic horror novel, Asphyxia - Vol. 1 of The Paradox Chronicles.
Jithinia from Gori Suture's dark erotica novel, Asphyxia - A Smut Saga, Vol. 1
Eldridge  from Gori Suture's dark erotica novel, Asphyxia - A Smut Saga, Vol. 1
Nathaniel  from Gori Suture's dark erotica novel,  Asphyxia - A Smut Saga, Vol. 1
Danielle from Gori Suture's dark erotica novel,  Asphyxia - A Smut Saga, Vol. 1
Asphyxia -- A Smut Saga, Vol. 1
Eldridge and Purp from Gori Suture's erotic horror novel, Asphyxia - A Smut Saga, Vol. 1
Cover Art for Gori Suture's erotic horror novel, The Witch of Hainted Holler - A Smut Saga Vol. 2
The Witch of Hainted Holler, A Smut Saga Vol. 2
Shatter Kinder: A Smut Saga
Geist Kinder - A Smut Saga, Vol. 4
The Mothman from Gori Suture's erotic horror novel,The Witch of Hainted Holler - A Smut Saga Vol. 2
Cover Art for Gori Suture's occult fiction novel, Shatter Kinder - A Smut Saga Vol. 3
Cover Art for Gori Suture's occult fiction novel, Geist Kinder - A Smut Saga Vol. 4
Cover Art for Gori Suture's The Color of Paradox -  The Metaphysical Companion Book
Phoenix-Astothan from Gori Suture's pansexual erotica novel, Walking Weird - A Smut Saga, Vol. 5
Jasper from Gori Suture's pansexual erotica novel, Walking Weird - A Smut Saga, Vol. 5
Eliara-Lavidia from Gori Suture's pansexual erotica novel, Walking Weird - A Smut Saga, Vol. 5
Bethany from Gori Suture's pansexual erotica novel, Walking Weird - A Smut Saga, Vol. 5
Cover Art for Gori Suture's erotic horror novel, Walking Weird - A Smut Saga Vol. 5
Walking Weird - A Smut Saga Vol. 5
Cover Art for Gori Suture's erotic horror novel, Asphyxia - A Smut Saga Vol. 1
About The Paradox Chronicles
Nathaniel, teenage occultist, is in love with Jithinia, a nihilistic sexpot. All is well, until they meet Eldridge. A shape-shifting creature from another dimension, he is quite mad. He still feels the ghostly remnants of his amputated wings. He can smell them rotting, feel the squirming maggots eating them. The only thing that eases his suffering is devouring souls. Cursed with this hunger, he knows that he is a monster, which only feeds his lunacy. He is moments away from killing Nathaniel when he discovers something so astounding, he cannot continue. As he falls in love with Nathaniel, he learns that true horror lies not in his monstrosity, but in his growing humanity.

Danielle was abducted and physically mutilated in the name of God for years. Her vile keeper, Preacher, tortures his broken dolls until they pray, to help them find God. One day, Danielle does. She reunites with her lost love Jithinia, whose world is now spinning out of control.

What follows is a magnum opus of magick and the true nature of God as the characters make their way through the sordid underbelly of modern Christian America.

Asphyxia illustrates the power of perception and will, of enlightenment sought through debauchery, of awakening through titillation. Falling somewhere between the genres of visionary fiction and paranormal erotic horror, Asphyxia is a unique blend of depravity and insight.

**Contains explicit descriptions of M/F, M/M, F/F, & M/F/M erotica.**

Asphyxia - Volume 1
Re-released October 2019
on the front cover: Nathaniel & Caledonia
From the back cover (hardcover): Eldridge & Purp
FOR ADULTS ONLY! EXPLICIT CONTENT (SEX, VIOLENCE, DRUGS, PROFANITY) A haunted house tale at its best, The Witch of Hainted Holler is the second installment of The Smut Sagas. Wrought with poetic sexual deviance, it's sure to both arouse and horrify. Endora, a teenage Lolita, believes in God. A lustful entity rapes and impregnates her, obliterating her faith in God. A pagan named Jasper helps her redefine herself, as she faces an evil force determined to destroy her and her entire family. A whistle made from the bone of a demon promises salvation, but can Endora retrieve it in time to save her baby?

**Contains explicit descriptions of F/F & M/F erotica. Contains graphic scenes of rape.**

The Witch of Hainted Holler -
Volume 2
On the cover: Endora
From the back cover (hardcover): The Mothman
Shatter Kinder -
Volume 3
FOR ADULTS ONLY! EXPLICIT CONTENT (SEX, VIOLENCE, DRUGS, PROFANITY) The next chapter in the mind-bending Smut Sagas has arrived. The veil is finally lifted on Eden, the home of the gods. This is the story of Mordecio-Astothan, who is an Angel of Death for the gods themselves and a possible catalyst for the end of all things real and imagined. At once heart-rending, erotic, illuminating, and mysterious, Gori Suture reveals just how like us our deities really are, and how terrifying that could be. Even the gods bend to a will. That will is Paradox, and Its machinations are ultimately Its own. For Paradox has plans for Its realms, and Mordecio-Astothan will find out, to his horror, just what they are. Prepare yourself, humble reader, for Shatter Kinder, an odyssey unlike any other you have ever taken, a world of erotic horror, fantastic and heartbreaking, as only Gori Suture can provide.

**Contains explicit descriptions of M/F & gangbang, non-human erotica.**

On the cover: Mordecio
On the cover: Eliara
Geist Kinder -
Volume 4
FOR ADULTS ONLY! EXPLICIT CONTENT (SEX, VIOLENCE, DRUGS, PROFANITY) Eliara and Lavidia, now pregnant with the apocalyptic godforce known as Omega, struggle to survive as the political situation in Koslovya grows ever grimmer. Former gods of order Astothan and Phoenix are now dedicated to the cause of chaos, though walking The Left-Hand Path proves harder than they ever imagined. Time heals no wounds, and old enemies lash out against them. Love is stretched thin as its tension is tested, while those tethered together in life's storm cling desperately to one another. Can our heroes face down the dragon and see the fair Eliara and Lavidia to safety, or are they doomed to a life of loneliness and heartbreak?

**Contains explicit descriptions of M/F & M/M, non-human erotica.**

More than just erotic horror, The Paradox Chronicles teach Paradoxism, Gori Suture's personal philosophy regarding the hidden nature of reality. Want to know what the Tree of Life looks like to a Suturian god? Then look no further. The Color of Paradox details the mystical aspects of Gori Suture's radical book series. This book is a full color supplement for The Paradox Chronicle novels, containing details about the mythos, including definitions, a bestiary, concept art, occult theories, maps, color theories, and more. Since The Paradox Chronicles are still being written, this book is a work in progress and is not yet available in print. However, you can read selections from this work in blog format.
The Color of Paradox - The Metaphysical Companion Book
The Color of Paradox on Blogspot
Expand the mind, expand the soul! The Paradox Chronicles are a series of metaphysical allegories which use extreme imagery and scenarios to jolt the psyche as a catalyst for spiritual growth. Mind expansion doesn't mean to simply elevate one's thoughts in the highest direction; one must also debase one's thoughts in the lowest direction. Only then is the mind truly expanding in a balanced and veracious fashion. This book series attempts to rouse people from their hypnotic waking sleep. The Paradox Chronicles utilizes shock and horror juxtaposed with higher spiritual thinking to catapult the ego past its blockades, allowing for a deeper understanding of the veiled essence of divinity.

Gori is in the process of re-releasing these books in print throughout 2019 & 2020.
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FOR ADULTS ONLY! EXPLICIT CONTENT (SEX, VIOLENCE, DRUGS, PROFANITY) Synthesis, The Design of Moirai only glimpsed in the previous Smut Sagas is laid bare in Walking Weird, and this skein is a sticky one, ensnaring all of your favorite characters in Hecate's web. After years of imprisonment, Astothan's chance for escape finally comes. His cherished beloved from Geist Kinder is all he can think about, but time may not yield even for gods, and his struggle with forgiveness and love anew has only begun. Poor Jasper's troubles were only just beginning in The Witch of Hainted Holler, and now he must pick up the pieces of that fateful day and carry the weight of the world on his scrawny shoulders, with the Grim Reaper his only friend. In Shatter Kinder, being a father was Phoenix's fondest wish; yet paternity of monsters is fraught with danger and omens. Eldridge and the rest of Omega begin to master the powers revealed to them in Asphyxia, yet old enemies hatch fresh schemes. The mad adamantine shuttle flies and as the weave grows ever taught, the sole path navigable is Walking Weird!

The confluence of Gori's first four books is a torrid one, and the reader is sure to get wet, so kick back and enjoy, while you still can

**Contains explicit descriptions of M/F & M/M, non-human erotica.**

on the front cover: Jasper
Walking Weird-
Volume 5

Phoenix-Astothan: Fathers of Omega and long suffering servants of Paradox. These twin gods of Death continue to try to protect their unique progeny by any means necessary. In Walking Weird the spotlight is finally on Astothan who, after his long imprisonment and torture, is finally given his freedom and an opportunity to find love again. But dark eyes still plot and plan, and his torture is not yet over.

Eliara-Lavidia: Mothers to Omega and once nobles, even to other gods. These twin gods continue to pay a high price for their love of Phoenix-Astothan and strive to protect and guide Omega while in exile on Earth. In Walking Weird they guide poor Jasper & Jerushi from The Witch of Hainted Holler to Eden, where their ultimate destiny awaits.

Bethany: Introduced in Shatter Kinder, she is the jilted lover of Astothan, and the sole survivor of an act of cruel vengeance. This mad goddess is consumed by her need for retribution against Omega and will destroy any who stand in her way. And yet, her long forgotten role as a goddess of birth still works its way through her madness, giving her another chance at ultimate revenge.

Omega: Four eternal souls destined to rise and consume everything, originally introduced in Asphyxia. Hidden in exile on Earth, only Eldridge remains in his true form. The other three souls, separated by tragedy; Nathaniel, Danielle, & Jithinia, are contained in lowly human vessels, unaware of their unique nature until they found each other. They now move inexorably toward their dark birthright while stalked by an unseen enemy. In Walking Weird, the foursome struggle with their new abilities and come to terms with the painful truths and ultimate acceptance of the dark power they wield.

Jasper: An ordinary human thrust into horror and tragedy as a survivor of the events of The Witch of Hainted Holler. Pushed to the very brink of madness, in Walking Weird, he struggles to protect the infant Jerushi and eventually arrives in Eden where love and his final fate await him.

Character Biographies (Contains spoilers for previous books!)
Gori Suture's Paradox Chronicles with animation of a knife weilding fairy.
on the third edition front cover: Nathaniel & Jithinia
Jithinia loves too easily and too deeply. She can't bear the thought of hurting those she loves, all the while wishing the rest of the world would just die already. She prefers the ornate Victorian inspired gothic look, but she doesn't wear the clothes for the attention; she just doesn't feel true to herself dressing any other way. Raised in a strict religious home, she is repulsed by Christian hypocrisy.

Nathaniel is the quintessential goth boy, the kind of teenager that wears "I heart Satan" t-shirts just to scare the norms. Fashion is important to him, and he's often freakishly overdressed in leather, tattered fishnets, and garish makeup, like a trashed and wasted midnight whore. Yet beneath his dark facade, his ego is fragile. He wears his heart upon his sleeve and feels everything too deeply, and thus he over indulges in booze and drugs.

Eldridge feels like the loneliest creature on Earth. A shape-shifting nomad, he travels from town to town. He assumes the identity of his most recent kills, and for a little while, he can pretend to be human, but inevitably, the maddening pain caused by the ghostly remains of his severed wings drives him to kill again, until he's consumed everyone his stolen identity loves.

Danielle was born from the earth of a filthy cellar floor. Much of her humanity has been abused out of her, and only her closest companions know how to find that sweet little girl that dwells deep inside her, past the brick walls. Though she escaped her abductor, she is eternally caged.
Character Biographies
"Gori Suture's obscene carnival of freaks will have you glued to every page."
~ horror critic Kristin Grasso Theckston aka The Angry Princess ~

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The Taste of Void - Volume 6 (2021)

Paradox Lost - Volume 7 (2022)

The Color of Paradox in Print (2023)